Got Goose? We Have A Solution

Got Goose?

  • Geese eat anywhere between 2 lbs - 5 lbs each day.
  • Geese poop on average 28 times a day (1 lbs – 1 ½ lbs each day).
  • They average 5-6 eggs in a clutch each year.
  • Wherever a goose is born, they return to that same place every year to rear their young. The only thing that breaks this pattern is the presence of a predator.
  • Migration season is typically October through March.
  • Geese like to stay near lakes because open water provides safety from predators. They like to sleep in lakes for that reason. This is why they love parks and golf courses. These places provide food and safety. 
  • Geese mate for life and stay together throughout the year. If a goose loses a partner, they will typically find another mate.

We Have The Solution

Spook The Goose!

You might be asking, "What is the Goose Buster?"

You see, the Goose Buster is an electrically powered remote control ground craft designed to humanely deter geese from your property

It works by acting as the geese's new predator. The geese perceive it as a predator that now occupies the property and will “hunt” them if they land. The Goose Buster is sturdy and resilient, making it able to withstand various conditions.

Have You Heard?

The Goose Buster is made from extremely durable, chemical resistant foam that's hand-made in America.

It can glide across the grass, water, snow, and ice. It was created to effectively navigate all terrain in which geese reside, therefore shaping an unsafe environment on your property. Your ultimate goose treating solution guaranteed to work.