Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does This Work?

By imitating a predator, the Goose Buster scares the geese out of the area and away from your property.

How Long Will They Be Gone?

Our goal is to "forever" rid them while re-hazing as often as necessary

What Other Birds Will It Work On?

American coots, Double-crested cormorants, Seagulls, Egyptian geese, and more

Where can this service be applied?

Our service can be helpful for any type of location! Golf Courses, Airports, Parks, Farms, etc.

Will Geese leave their goslings?

We are not allowed to haze while Geese are unable to fly.

Is relocating geese an effective strategy?

Relocating is not effective except in rescue situations.

How long will it take for the geese to be controlled?

We can make a significant change in their pattern within 3 weeks.